Did you know, Cockroaches are usually considered the most robust species on earth even capable of surviving nuclear radiation? Keeping this fact in mind, specially designed to make your resident and corporate spaces free from cockroaches we introduce the best cockroach killer, Kokron by Ultima Search. Available in many forms like sprays, gels, pastes and powders cockroaches are sure not to survive after application. Kokron is the single product every household and commercial space must house, as it's the most efficient in-house cockroach treatment product.
Get the Best Cockroach Killer by exploring the potent sprays, gels, and cockroach killer products offered by Ultima Search.

Kokron Super Gel - SYRINGE

₹ 299


Kokron Bait

₹ 20


Kokron Super Gel

₹ 80


Kokron Power

₹ 120


Kokron Plus

₹ 120

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