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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services and Products

Ultima Search has successfully ensconced itself in the pest control industry as a business of repute after having provided expert pest control services and products for over a decade. We take it upon us to ensure that your homes, offices and commercial installations are sanitised and healthy thereby providing a sense of wellbeing and happiness whenever you call upon us.

We are the pest controllers of choice in cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka for millions of happy and contented customers and our service portfolio is backed up with a pest control product range which is innovative, advanced and available pan India. Household pests such as rats of all kind, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies and others have no chance against this product range and a professionally conducted service by Ultima Search.

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Cinque Terre

Home Pest Control

A healthy home is in fact a happy home and keeping a home sterilised and pest free is no easy feat. To ultimately get rid of pests, rodents, insects and other nuisances from your home, you need a professional solution that will do an ultimate job. Your search for the ultimate ends here. We come with years of professionally harnessed experience to bring ultimate cleanliness, health and hygiene towards a goal of wellness for all.

Commercial Pest Control

Ultima Search offers Quality and Professional Pest Control services in India backed by its own proven range of products & technical expertise to ensure a pest free existence even when you are at work.

More than 25 Years of Experience

Scientifically Proven Effective

We are careful to ensure that treatment meted out either at home or commercial installations are safely administered with absolutely no adverse health effect to anyone except the pests and rodents that need to be eradicated. The chemicals we use are manufactured in our own facility. This ensures strict control over quality and safety along with constant innovation and refinement of products on the basis of expert input by well-trained field teams.



What We Have Achieved

With over 9000+ dealers, 200+ employees, 3000+ serviced happy customers and counting and an ISO9001 certification, Ultima Search is most definitely your ultimate pest control solution. Our national footprint takes us to the lengths and breadths of the country and makes us a premium pest control service provider expecially when people think of home cleaning services.

Certifications Obtained

Our commercial pest control services and products are rigorously tested and certified by a host of Governing bodies like:


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As a commercial pest control service and product provider we are proud to be associated with leading pest control industry bodies like: