Kokron Super Gel is a ready-to-use, scientifically manufactured cockroach prevention gel. Our diligently formulated cockroach killer gel swiftly eradicates infestations, ensuring spotless and hygienic surroundings. Our productive cockroach gel prompts roaches to exclaim, "Gel no!" Place your order today for a roach-free home and commercial space.
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Kokron Super Gel

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  • right Ready to use
  • right With Domino effect, which cause the entire Cockroach infestation in an area to be eliminated
  • right Targeted bait, hence reducing spread of pesticides
  • right Once applied, the bait will remain viable for a long time
  • right Apply the bait as small spots in areas where cockroaches are seen. - Inside of cupboards and drawers and Near Dustbins
  • right Fipronil 0.5%
  • right Fipronil is a stomach poison, that kills Cockroaches on ingestion
  • right Is capable of eliminating the entire harbourage when kokron super gel consumed dead roach is eaten by other members of the harbourage
  • right Complete control of the cockroach population is generally seen in 4-5 days
  • right No Specific Antidote. Treat Symptomatically

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