The best approach to controlling cockroaches is by investing in our all-time favourite "Kokron Plus". With its most recent advancements and proven efficacy, it guarantees a pest-free workplace and home. This pray is sure to scare away not only roaches but also many more insects that cause a nuisance. Order the most trustworthy and reliable approach towards a cockroach-free area with Ultima Search's supreme pest management products.
Get the Best Cockroach Killer by exploring the potent sprays, gels, and cockroach killer products offered by Ultima Search.

Kokron Plus

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  • right Ready to use aerosol spray
  • right Contains Propoxur 2%
  • right Powerful action against hard to kill pests
  • right Muti Insect killer
  • right Spray directly on the insects to get immediate result
  • right Spray from a distance of 12 inches to get best coverage
  • right Propoxur
  • right Contact insecticide
  • right Insects will be knocked down and killed after coming in contact contact
  • right Atropin Sulphate as per symptoms

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