Kokron Power is the ultimate champion of pest control! Roaches and other pests are expelled from every nook and corner with the help of Kokron Power's exceptionally effective cockroach killer spray and exceptional multi-insect killing abilities. Don't let bothersome pests dampen your day; equip yourself with Kokron Power. Secure your peace of mind and make your purchase today!
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Kokron Power

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  • right Ready to use aerosol spray
  • right Contains Pyrethroids
  • right Fast knockdown and Kill
  • right Muti Insect killer
  • right Spray directly on the insects to get immediate result
  • right Spray from a distance of 12 inches to get best coverage
  • right Cypermethrin + Imiprothrin
  • right Contact insecticide
  • right Insects will be knocked down and killed on contact
  • right No Specific antidote. Treat Symptomatically

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