About Us

Ultima Search, incorporated in 1983, by the founders of the Agrochemical Conglomerate UPL Ltd, was set up as the first of its kind company to manufacture ready to use products for Household Pest Management. From its initial manufacturing plant at Vapi, Gujarat, that formulates some of the most unique pest control products like Ratol Paste the first of its kind Ready to use Rodent Control Product to Canon Smoke, the only ready to use Smoke Generator, available in India, Ultima Search has now evolved into the most comprehensive Pest Management Company in India, offering a complete range of Products and pest control services.

India is home to a wide variety of Pests in household and commercial environment each with its own unique Demographic, Cultural, and personal challenges. The Service Division of Ultima Search is a natural extension of the company’s philosophy of giving complete solution to household pest management. Keeping in mind the sensitivities of each customer, Ultima Search develops and provides solutions to their complete satisfaction. It incorporates, latest technology, know how and certified products, to deliver, custom made solutions to each customer. To get rid of pests, rodents, insects and other nuisances from your home,office and factory you need a professional solution that will do an ultimate job. Your search for the ultimate ends here. We come with years of professionally harnessed experience to bring ultimate cleanliness, health and hygiene towards a goal of wellness for all.

Having its own Manufacturing facilities as well as Service division, gives Ultima Search a unique synergy that reflects in its rapid incorporation of new technologies in pest control. Coupled that with its access to the R&D facilities of JRF and UPL Ltd, gives it an advantage above the other players.

Ultima Search is one of the few companies across India involved in providing comprehensive Pest Management Solutions, a wide range of Pest Management Products and even a distinguished and popular presence in the Pest Management Service Sector. Ultima Search's experience coupled with extensive research and formulation development gives our products and services a synergy by way of exposure to the latest in techniques and technicalities across methods and products to ensure a happy and healthy home and office environment.

Our Vision

To be the name synonymous with Pest Free Living Ecosystem. Our vision via Ultima Search is to spread happiness and wellness through the medium of cleanliness and purity. By successfully spreading this message of wellness we would also be giving back in equal measure and helping to benefit the society in which we all co-exist.

Our Mission

Innovation and Customization. Providing solutions to the varied and challenging requirements of managing pests. Developing customized Pest Management Solutions while ensuring minimum adverse effect on the Environment. In keeping with the changing positive outlook towards cleanliness in our society, our mission is to eradicate pests and rodents so that you and your loved ones always have pest free homes and offices to thrive from. In this constant battle against impurity we endeavour to utilize as our weapons the latest and most cutting edge technology that is not only harmless to human consumption but also harmless to the planet and its conservation.

Our Network

Ultima Search truly believes that its greatest wealth is its well trained drilled and professional work force that brings the X Factor to a profession which requires getting your hands dirty. Our teams are professionally trained, incredibly honest and equipped with cutting edge equipment that helps them perform to the very best of their abilities every time they are called upon in the line of duty. Our teams are careful to ensure that treatment meted out either at home or commercial installations are safely administered with absolutely no adverse health effect to anyone except the pests and rodents that need to be eradicated. The chemicals we use are manufactured in our own facility. This ensures strict control over quality and safety along with constant innovation and refinement of products on the basis of expert input by well-trained field teams.