Things you should keep in Mind for Termite Control at Home

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A big problem in Indian homes is termites and how to treat them. Wood is a very common product in Indian households, both for the interior and exterior of a home. Termite infestation is more likely in wooden products that have not been appropriately treated for pests and insects.Termites are extremely destructive and can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. As a result, pest control procedures are required to ensure the safety of wooden furniture and fittings.

But keep in mind that termites grow in other areas than wood. So, if you want to know how to get rid of termites, you must also know the signs of termite infestation.

Signs of termite Infestation at home

Termites can show up in a variety of ways. Subterranean termites’ mud tubes, hollow-sounding wood, and all termite frass and abandoned wings are all tell-tale clues. Peeling paint could be an indication of termites, yet it could be something else entirely. A clicking sound could indicate that termites are pounding their heads on your walls. The following are some of the more noticeable termite infestation symptoms:

        1. Mud tubes are formed

       2. Damaged wood

       3. Doors and windows that are misaligned

       4. Swarms of termites

       5. Termite mounds


Pest Control Services, being the most preferable choice for efficient Termite Treatment, can be your best companion in both the treatment and prevention of Termites in your premises.


Here are some termite control tips

Lessen Dampness

Termites thrive in moist environments to survive on the wooden structure. Besides, they are highly water-dependent when it comes to populating in a new space. Thus, you need to get rid of moisture in both the reachable and unreachable places in your living space. Moist space underneath the floor can also favour the growth of termites, so termite prevention methods are important.

Seal openings and Crevices

All the leftover, unwanted cracks and holes are the entry points for termites. Thus, you should hire a professional service for Termite Control to seal such entry points for either pipes or utilities.

Don’t build on soil

The basic technique to avoid termite infestation is to keep their food away from their reach. You should make sure that all the valuable wooden furniture of your residential and commercial properties are not built directly on a soil base.

Keep property ventilated

Lack of proper ventilation results in moisture build-up with humid surroundings that attract termites to a great extent.

Keep Plants at a Distance

Alongside soil and moisture, plants should also be kept away from your property as they can supply the required moisture to populate the termites. Keep changing the place of oxygen-based plants inside your living space to make sure there are no traces of infestation.

Call in the termite experts

It is better to approach an experienced professional termite service provider with all kinds of advanced equipment to efficiently identify the traces of termite infestation at your residence.



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