Why Pest Control for Rats Is Critical

                                                                                                  Why Pest Control for Rats Is Critical


Getting rid of rats are difficult and not a fun task to do at home! Due to their capabilities and troublesome that they might pose at home, rats are known as a smart and intelligent pest to manage. Rats are one of a kind of household pest that known as good climbers, smugglers and burrowers.


Exceptionally agile

Despite being known as carriers of many diseases, rats as pests are considered as agile animals and only need 1 cm for adult rats to squeeze into your building. Their flexible body shapes makes it easier for rats to sneak into your home from every small cracks and narrowest gap though.


Efficient in reproduction

Generally, sexual maturity ranges between 5 and 8 weeks. Female rats reproduce up to 8 times in their lifespan, with averaging 4 to 7 pups. Therefore, a single female may produce up to 56 offspring annually. But even small populations can cause considerable damage, or even worst, your family’s meals could be contaminated with rats dropping, urine, and saliva.


Attracted to what we consume

Just like any other pests, rats need critical elements to survive: shelter, water, and food. They feed on similar food as humans such as cereals, fruits, grains, or even nuts. Food sources can be available not just to humans but also to rats! To avoid repeating rat problems, it is important to keep these sources of out of reach from rats after our consumption or food preparation.


5 Reasons to Use a Professional Pest Control Company to Control Rats

A good deal of time and attention, patience and persistence.

It takes time to learn what to do and how to do it both effectively and safely in executing rodent pest control.  A trained professional is dedicated to this work and has already spent time for training, field experience and even licensing.


Rat control demands a thorough understanding of rats, their biology, and their behavior.

It’s important to know where to look for signs of rats and other rodents, and understand what to look for and how to interpret them.  Rodent biology and behavior are fundamental to the training of a rodent pest control technician.


Working in and around rodent filth is hazardous

Rats and mice can carry diseases so it’s important to know how to avoid infections and it’s important to have proper personal protective equipment. Poisoned rat or mouse bait is a rodenticide which, if improperly used, could present a health risk to children, pets and other small birds and animals.  Rodent pest control professionals are trained and licensed in the safe and effective use of rodenticides.


Proper use and placement of rodent traps and baits

As mentioned, safety is critical in the use of rat traps and rat bait.  What’s more, the crafty placement of rodent traps and/or rat bait makes all the difference in whether the effort is successful.  And improper handling of either can result in complete avoidance of a rat trap.


Long-term protection and prevention

Eliminating a rat or mouse infestation relieves the immediate problem.  But significant numbers of rats and mice are consistently present outdoors near homes—whether in urban, suburban, or rural environments.  Pest Control professionals know how to set up ongoing protection to prevent rat or mouse re-infestation.

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