Prerequisites To Keep in Mind Before Planning Home Pest Control

Dealing with pests is stressful enough on its own, but preparing for a visit from a pest-control
technician? If you have not employed a professional then this can add yet another layer of strain. Don’t
get too apprehensive about that upcoming visit from an Ultima Search technician though. It shouldn’t
cause the least bit of concern. Read on to learn all about the basics everyone should follow before pest
control treatments take place in your home or business.

Furniture during Pest Control
For most common pests, you shouldn’t need to worry about moving furniture. Most advanced pest-
control measures involve establishing an invisible perimeter that bugs and other creepy crawlies won’t
breach. In other words, the treatment happens at the edges of your property, not near your bookcase or
couch. However, there is one exception to not needing to move furniture: termites. In order to properly
prepare for termite control, you should move all of your furniture out from the walls wherever possible.
Additionally, remove all indoor plants from the premises and make sure that you’ve taken all plastic-
sealed mattresses out of their bags.

Preparing an Apartment for Pest Control
Dealing with pests in an apartment isn’t all that much different from preparing a home for pest
management services. But managing cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, and the like in a multi-family dwelling
becomes all the more urgent due to a single simple fact: Pests can easily spread from one unit to
another. For this reason, it may even be beneficial to alert your neighbors of any pest issues or
upcoming pest control treatments you have scheduled. As soon as you notice pests in your apartment,
contact your landlord and clean your unit thoroughly.

Pets during Pest Control
Immediately prior to a treatment, try to keep your pets in an area of your residence that won’t be
getting treated. To avoid any possible contact with chemicals or sprays, you should also remove any of
your pet’s toys from areas that will be affected. If you keep caged animals, their homes should also be
placed in a room or area of your home unaffected by the treatment. If this isn’t possible, drape a towel
over their homes to keep any overspray from affecting them.

Ultimate Pest Control Services by Ultima Search
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unique Demographic, Cultural, and personal challenges. The Service Division of Ultima Search is a
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solutions to their complete satisfaction.

It incorporates the latest technology, know-how, and certified products, to deliver, custom-made
solutions to each customer. To get rid of pests, rodents, insects, and other nuisances from your home,
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