How safe it is to have children and pets around during a pest control service?

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If you’re a parent or even a pet parent the safety of your children and pets is probably your number one priority. We all know that pest treatment can be invasive to your home, however it is necessary from time to time. But is it also dangerous for your loved ones? The answer to this depends on your choice of pest control treatment methods.

Professional pest control is much safer than DIY methods such as using vinegar, or bleach. Though DIY methods are often promoted as being healthier and less aggressive, the truth is that they are often ineffective and likely to introduce lung irritants into your living space. Meanwhile, reputable professionals know how to use minimal amounts of chemicals to target pests safely.


DIY Pest Control is NOT Safe Pest Control

Parents are often so busy that rather than acting preventatively to keep pest populations low, they end up having to react to an issue that has already gotten out of hand, resulting in acts of desperation. While we understand parents trying to find the fastest, easiest pest control solution to get rid of the issue, protect their children, and move on with their lives, it often leads to making dangerous decisions that affect the whole family.


Common (and Problematic) DIY Methods

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most commonly cited methods for getting rid of pests naturally. This powder comprises extremely tiny and very sharp pieces of fossilized ocean creatures that work by blocking or damaging the mucous membranes and breathing apparatuses of small insects, slowly killing them. For the same reason that this powder is an effective insect killer, it can also be dangerous to anyone with weak or compromised lungs, such as small children, elderly individuals, and those with asthma. DE is also hazardous if you have curious pets who will stick their noses into anything.

Vinegar and Bleach are two other common DIY methods, though they’re also potential health hazards. Vinegar and bleach can volatilize into the air, and they both contain compounds that can burn your lungs. It may not feel like much to a healthy adult, but these compounds are particularly damaging for the sensitive populations mentioned above.

Pest control products that you buy over the counter are usually advertised as more effective than DIY methods. However, unless you know exactly which type of pest you’re dealing with, you’ll likely choose a broad-spectrum pesticide that contains a much higher level of noxious chemicals than you need. Environmentally responsible pest control carried out by a trained professionals targets the right pests, resulting in the use of fewer chemicals overall.


Our Ultimate Aim: A Healthy, Pest-Free Home

Keeping your home crumb-free when you've got children, pets, and a busy schedule can be challenging. With that being said, keeping your home tidy can help keep the pests at bay. Here are a few other pest prevention steps to cut down your chances of dealing with an infestation:

      1. Don't allow sources of standing water on your property! Be sure that all of your gardening instruments are tightly covered. 

      2. Seal all cracks in windows and screens to prevent pests from gaining easy access into your living space. 

      3. Store food in airtight containers, and don't let fruits on the counter get too ripe before transferring them to the fridge.

      4. Save yourself time and money by calling a pest control professional rather than tackling the issue yourself.

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