Essential house preparation tips before doing a bed bug treatment

Bed bug service prep can be a challenge and daunting task for homeowners. Find out what prep means and how Ultima Search. Pest Solutions uses extensive and contemporary techniques to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Preparation helps clear the area and ensure that all places where bed bugs hide—like cracks, crevices, and even clothing–have exposure to the treatment. Ultima Search will issue a checklist of stuff to do before the treatment day. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us and clarify what you don’t understand. Be sure only to do what’s on the checklist and nothing else. It may be tempting to move all your clothes and belongings, but bedbugs love to hide in these areas. When you bring your items back into your home, you’re leaving yourself open to a reinfestation.


What to Do Before the Bedbug Treatment

We strongly recommend following the checklist that your pest control company gives. Different treatments need different prep lists, and following the wrong checklist can impact the effectiveness of the treatment. That said, in most cases, and with Ortex Pest Control, you can expect to follow the following prep steps:


  1. 1. Take everything off the floor, including stuff on your closet floor.
  2. 2. Remove all books from bookshelves, and store them in containers in the middle of the room
  3. 3. Move all the furniture two feet away from the wall
  4. 4. Secure any private or valuable items
  5. 5. Remove any pets from the premises. If you have fish, seal the fish tank, turn off the filter and air supply and wrap the entire tank in plastic wrap.
  6. 6. Declutter your home, and make sure that you dispose of all your trash responsibly.


Try to prepare for the bedbug treatment properly. Make arrangements for you and your pets accordingly.


What to Do After the Bedbug Treatment

You may be uncertain about what to do after a bedbug treatment. Are you allowed to sleep on your bed? Are your clothes safe to wear? Rather than make assumptions, ask your pest control company for advice. Following their rules will ensure that the first treatment is the only treatment you’ll need. Some crucial tips after the treatment include:


  1. 1. Don’t remove bed casements
  2. 2. Don’t hang clothing on head or foot-boards
  3. 3. Don’t remove, or move, any insect traps that you come across
  4. 4. Don’t store any items adjacent to the bed or close to any upholstered furniture

If the pest control company used a mattress encasement, then the best thing you can do is sleep on the bed after a treatment. The encasement will prevent any remaining bugs from biting you. Your presence will also draw the bedbugs out of hiding, which exposes them to the bedbug treatment pesticides.


The Ultima Search Bed Bug Management Solutions includes an Individually designed service schedule, a thorough initial inspection, the use of labeled residual and non-residual insecticide formulations along with a Treatment followed by strict periodical follow-up services.