Food Grain Insects

The ideal insect control for grains and rice is Granol. It efficiently destroys grain insects with its potent formula, protecting your valuable product. Count on Granol for superior defence against rice insects. Don't hesitate; take action now to preserve your grains.
To preserve food safety, protect your grains from rice bugs.


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  • right Ready to use Stored grain protector
  • right Easy and safe to use
  • right No residue or side effects
  • right Grains can be used immediately after treatment
  • right No problem, even if Granol spills on the food material
  • right Approved by the department of agriculture
  • right Open the containers in which the Grain/Pulse are kept
  • right Pour granol on to the small dish provided and keep it on top of the grains/Pulse
  • right Close the container tightly
  • right Leave the container closed for atleast 24 hrs. You can start using the grains after that.
  • right Container can be left closed until the Grain/Pulses are required
  • right Ethylene Dichloride; Carbon Tetrachloride Mixture
  • right Granol kept in the closed container being heavier than air will evaporate and spread to cover the entire container completely killing all stored grain insects
  • right No Specific Antidote. Treat Symptomatically.

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