Ratol Paste


Rats Mostly Die Outdoors


Ratol Super Effective Rat Killer the fast acting anti-rodent paste in a handy soft tube for household use.

Direction of use

Apply Ratol paste on pieces of bread, coconut or other dry food and place them at different areas of infestation. Collect and dispose off all dead animals and left over bait properly. If infestation is high, repeat dosage only on areas where the food was eaten. To prevent re-infestation with rodents, limit sources of leftover food, water and harborage as much as possible.

Mode of Action

The Rodenticide when ingested acts as a stomach poison and kills the rat.


The best feature of Ratol Paste is the speed of results (Rats die in 2-3 hours). Due to a fruit base, the paste acts as an attractant. Less chances of Resistance development. Soft, re-sealable lami-tubes make it easy to use even on difficult areas like Roof beams and tree-tops.