Ratol Granules

Ratol Granules

Quick Knock - Down Result


Ratol 2% Ready bait is an super effective rat killer, prepared with wheat coated with zinc phosphide.

Directions of use

Identify areas where rats are frequently seen and place the bait in shallow trays away from the access of children and pets. In case of Rat burrows, bait is applied directly in to the mouth of the burrow. Dispose off dead animals and left over bait properly. Change area of applications in case of repeated infestation.

Mode of Action:

The Zinc Phosphide, when ingested by the rat, reaches the stomach, reacts with the acid present there and releases the poisonous Phosphenegas. Gradually, this gas is absorbed in to the rats blood, killing it.


Ratol 2% RB is the most economical ready to use rodenticide in the market and is the most effective in case of massive infestation. Since there is no preparation time required, this is the easiest to use.