Ratol Cake

Ratol Cake

Rats Mostly Die Outdoors


Ratol - It is ready to use single dose powerful rodenticide containing 0.005% Bromodiolone technical. It is made out of a rodent infestation. Unlike other rodenticides it doesn't have bait shyness and environmental hazards. It interferes with the blood-clotting mechanism, which results in fatal internal hemorrhages causing death.

Recommended for

Houses with Pets, areas with high moisture, Low infestation

Direction of use

The path usually taken by rats to enter and leave your house will be ideal for placement. Break the block into small cubes. Keep one to two cubes at appropriate intervals according to the degree of infestation. Collect and dispose off all dead animals and left over bait properly and repeat dosage if infestation is high. To prevent re-infestation with rodents, limit sources of leftover food, water and harborage as much as possible.

Mode of Action

The Rodenticide when ingested reduces the clotting capacity of the blood of the rodent. The rats die gradually due to internal hemorrhage.


The best feature of Ratol cake is that rats usually tend to die away from your house, in the open. It is safe for non-target animals and pets.