Kokron Multi Insect Killer

Kokron Multi Insect Killer

Quick Knock - Down Result

Direction of use

Kokron "Multi Insect Killer" is a ready to use liquid that is to be directly sprayed on to the surface to be treated. This product should not be diluted. It can be used on crawling insects such as cockroaches and Bedbugs as well as flying insects like mosquitoes and Houseflies.

Mode of Action

Kokron "Multi Insect Killer" contains Deltamethrin and Allethrin, which gives instant knock down action. Both the pesticides are contact poisons, that begins their action as soon as it comes in contact with the insects body.


Both Deltamethrin and Allethrin belongs to the Pyrethroid group of insecticides, which are relatively safer to human beings. As the product is ready to use, there is no need for dilution and can be directly sprayed using a hand pump. Kokron has fast knock down properties that give instant results.