Canon Smoke Generator

Canon Smoke Generator


Canon Smoke is a smoke generator containing Cypermethrin 3% w/w as an active ingredient witch is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It is effective against the common household insect pests like flies, lizards, cockroaches, bedbugs ants, white ants, silver fish etc.

Direction of use

First make sure that all the ventilation and openings in the room except the one through which the operator has to exit is sealed property. Place the required amount of tins in the room. After pulling open the lid of the tin, insert the ignition stick provided with the tin into the powder up to the black portion. Light the ignition stick, and after ensuring that smoke is coming out of the tin, exit the room and seal the exit properly to avoid smoke from escaping . Keep the room closed for about 5-6 hours. Open all the doors and windows of the room after the required time.

Mode of Action

The Ignited Smoke Generator produces heat which vaporizes the pesticide which rises to the ceiling. From here it spreads to every nook and corner of the room dispersing the pesticide in a uniform manner effecting the insects that come in contact with it in a clean and cost effective way .