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About Ultima Search

Ultima Search is one of the leading companies in India in the field of comprehensive pest control solutions. This is in terms of a wide range of ready to use pest control products targeting a wide spectrum of household pests, as well as its presence in the Pest Control service sector. In fact Ultima Search is one of the few companies in India that offers a wide range of rodenticides as well as other household insecticides under one roof.


Established in 1970 as an offshoot of the 5520.4 M agrochemical conglomerate, UPL Ltd formerly known as ( United Phosphorus Ltd ), Ultima Search has now evolved into a separate entity, focusing mainly on the Household Pest Control sector.

Ultima Search has also diversified into the service sector, which compliments its core strength. Unlike traditional pest control companies, which procure chemicals from other sources and use them, Ultima uses chemicals manufactured at its own facilities. This ensures a strict control over the quality and availability of chemicals.

Being involved in the service sector has also allowed Ultima to further refine its products by actual field usage by its own staff.

Our Experience

Ultima Search's experience in the House Hold Pest Control sector coupled with the core strength of its parent company UPL, namely basic research and formulation development, from which it draws frequently, gives it an advantage, unmatched among the manufacturers of House Hold Pest Control products.

This synergy, we believe will propel us towards our ultimate aim of becoming one of the major Pest Management Professional in India.